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Temporary Event Notice

1 Details Of Premises User
  1. Before completing this notice, please read the guidance notes which can be access via the link below. A copy of the completed notice will be emailed to you and this should be retained for your records.
  2. A copy of this notice will be sent on your behalf to the chief officer of police and the local authority exercising environmental health functions for the area in which the premises are situated.
  3. Please read the guidance notes
  4. I, the proposed premises user, hereby give notice under section 100 of the Licensing Act 2003 of my proposal to carry on a temporary activity at the premises described below.
    How we will use the information about you? The Council, under the Licensing Act 2003, deals with various applications for premises licences, club premises certificates, personal licences and notifications such as Temporary Event Notices.

    We will use the information you give as part of the application / notification process to consider whether authorisations may be approved or remain in force.

    We may also use your contact details to provide you with information or to ask your views on certain matters. For example: advising on changes to legislation and policy, training and seminars or seeking your views on customer satisfaction, formation and review of licensing policy, practice and /or procedures.
    Please use the link below to access the page where our full privacy notice can be found. This will include:-

    How we will use information / data about you.
    Who else will we share your information / data with.
    How long we will keep information / data for.
    What your data rights are.
    Who will control information / data.
    Who to contact if there is something you do not understand.
    How to exercise your rights.

    For more information read our Temporary Event Notice page.

  1. 1. The personal details of the premises user
  2. Please read note 1
  1. 2. Previous names - Please enter details of any previous names or maiden names, if applicable.
  2. If more than one previous name please include the title, forenames and surname for each below.
  1. If your age is calculated to be less than 18 you will not be able to complete this application.
  1. 6. Your current address - We will use this address to correspond with you unless you complete section 8. below
  1. 7. Other contact details
  1. 8. Alternative address for correspondence - If you complete the details below, we will use this address to correspond with you
  1. 9. Alternative contact details - if applicable
  1. Cancel and return to Cornwall Council website
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