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Report full litter or dog bin

Bin Details
  1. Please use the form below to report to us a public litter bin or public dog waste bin that requires emptying. Our contractor will aim to empty full bins within 48 hours.

    If a bin requires fixing or replacing, please contact us using our online contact form
  2. You can find more information relating to Public Litter bins on the Street care and Cleaning page.

    Information relating to Dog Waste bins can be found on the Dog Waste Bins page.
  1. Please provide the name of the street the bin is in, for example Green lane or Fore Street. You can also provide part of a street name, for example 'Green' or 'Fore'. If the bin is not on a main street please choose the closest street and then provide more accurate information about it's location in the space below.

    Once you have completed a search please select the street from the results returned to continue.
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