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Report an electrical problem

Electrical Issue Instructions
  1. This process can be used to report issues with Electrical items owned by Cornwall Council

    - Street light/lamps - not working or columns/mountings damage
    - Illuminated street signs - lights not working
    - Illuminated bollard - lights not working or missing or damaged
    - Traffic Lights - any non-emergency problems with permanent lights
    Temporary traffic lights should be reported to streetworks here
    - Controlled Pedestrian Crossings - any problems
    - Bus shelters - electrical issues only
    - Other - anything electrical
  2. If you suspect that the issue you are reporting is hazardous or may lead to injury please do not use this online form.
    Instead you should call Highways Emergencies on 0300 1234 222 which is operational 24/7.
  3. Below are some examples of faults considered to be hazardous

    The inner workings of the item are exposed. The door is loose or removed from a street light for example.
    The item is leaning into the carriageway.
    A lit bollard or streetlight has been knocked down.
    A part of a crossing light (Traffic/pedestrian) is loose.
    A signalised junction/crossing has gone out.
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