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Report Missing Payment

  1. If you have an outstanding balance from previous years showing at the bottom of your bill and you have made a payment after the date shown this will not be taken into consideration and is not classed as a missing payment. If this doesn't apply and you still think your payment is missing please complete the details below.
    All sections marked with * must be completed
  2. Your reference number can be found on your latest bill, is 9 numbers long and starts with the number 3
  3. We are piloting an information service via text messaging for Business Rates and Council Tax account holders.
  4. * Please advise if you would like to take advantage of this service
  5. Please provide the postcode for the address that the Council Tax account relates to. Please ensure you highlight the address from the results presented.

    If the postcode you provide doesn't produce any address results you will instead be able to provide the address details in full.
  1. Any information provided to the Council may be retained on computer or paper records. It will be used by the Council for the specific purposes of council tax collection and any other relevant Council purposes including anti-fraud data matching.
  2. Cornwall Council is under a duty to protect the public funds it administers and to this end may share this information provided to us with other organistaions working with the Council in order to prevent and detect fraud (for further information visit www.cornwall.gov.uk/nfi). Anonymised information may be used for statistical purposes.
  3. Where the council uses a third party to collect data from you, your data will be protected in line with Cornwall Council's information governance policy framework. If you want to know more about this visit www.cornwall.gov.uk/yourdata. The Chief Executive is the Council's Data Controller.
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