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Private Sector Housing

Report Private Sector Housing Defect
  1. Private sector properties provide a very important housing resource for everyone in Cornwall. The Council wants those residents of Cornwall living in accommodation owned by other people to live in good quality and safe properties. When this is found not to be the case the Private Sector Housing team will step in and if necessary use available powers to secure improvements.
  2. You are asked to continue and complete this on-line form if you are concerned that the condition of your property is likely to cause you or those you live with harm.
  1. Data Protection Statement

    Information in this form is collected by Cornwall Council as data controller in accordance with the data protection principles contained within the Data Protection Act 1998. The purpose for collecting the information is for the processing and investigation of your housing complaint. Cornwall Council are under a statutory obligation to inspect a residential property where it is considered that Category 1 or 2 hazards exist.

    We may share your information with our Cornwall Council departments, such as Trading Standards, Council Tax, Housing Benefit to verify the information that has been provided. We may also share your information with Devon and Cornwall Police to facilitate joint working protocols. We may also use this information to consult with you on changes to legislation and to request feedback on our service.

    All personal information is held by Cornwall Council is held safely in a secure environment. Your information will be kept for 5 years.

    For more information Read our full privacy statement.
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