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Garden Waste

Terms and conditions
  1. You can use our garden waste collection service for things like grass clippings, weeds, leaves and prunings. There is a charge for this service so check the bin and subscription costs before making your booking.

    If you’re renewing you can keep using your existing bin or bag and just pay for the subscription.

    Each individual subscription is a separate service offered by Cornwall Council. If you wish to set up or renew two or more subscriptions at the same property you will need to complete the form and pay for each one separately.

    Garden waste collections are fortnightly. Your garden waste will be collected on same day as your rubbish, on the alternate week to your recycling. View Garden Waste collection days.

    By continuing with this Garden Waste collection request you agree to the garden waste container terms & conditions and subscription terms & conditions of the Cornwall Council Garden Waste collection service.

    Your special offer discount price for purchasing online will be automatically applied and you will be given the option of selecting a two year subscription to obtain a further discount later in the form.

    Please note : Your 2018 subscription will begin on 01/04/2018.

    If you are currently in receipt of a garden waste subscription, then your current subscription will continue until your new subscription takes over on 01/04/2018.

    If you do not already have a garden waste subscription you are paying in advance for a subscription to begin on 01/04/2018. Your subscription will not commence before this date. We will still deliver any requested containers to your property prior to 01/04/2018 however collections will not commence before 01/04/2018.
  1. Once you have have placed your order you will need to go to our payment system to pay using a debit or credit card.
  1. Your details

  1. Subscription details

  1. Please provide the address from which the Garden Waste collection will take place
  1. If not you, the name and number of the person at the collection address for our contractor to contact with any query regarding the subscription.
  1. We will only use your contact details to process your request and for administration and statistical purposes.
    We will pass your contact details to a third party only if it is necessary.
  2. The data is collected by Cornwall Council as data controller in accordance with the data protection principles contained within the Data Protection Act 1998. The purpose(s) for collecting the data are in order to deliver a collection of Garden Waste from the collection address.

    Any personal data collected will be shared with our contractor. If you have any concerns regarding the processing of your data then please contact 0300 1234 141.
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