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  1. Application for discretionary housing payments and/or an exceptional relief award
  1. Please use this form if you want to apply for a discretionary housing payment or exceptional relief award. You must already be receiving housing benefit before we can consider a discretionary housing payment. If you want us to consider an exceptional relief award to help with your council tax you must be in receipt of council tax support.
  2. A discretionary housing payment may be made if you cannot afford to pay your rent. We will look at your personal circumstances when we decide if an award can be made. The most that we can pay is the difference between the housing benefit you receive and your eligible rent.
  3. An exceptional relief award will be considered if you are of working age and cannot afford to pay your council tax liability.
  1. Filling in the form
  2. Answer all questions on the form as fully as you can. If you need any help filling in this form please contact us on 0300 1234 121.
  3. When you have finished the form please click on the 'Submit Form' button and note the number that appears on the next page. Forward your receipts and your evidence to the Council and include this reference number. If the receipts are not available now, do not delay in completing the form. Please tell us when you will send us the missing information.
  1. Other contact numbers that may be useful to you.
  2. Citizens Advice - Telephone: 03444 111 444 - Website: Citizen Advice
  3. National Debtline - Telephone: 0808 8084000 - Website: National Debtline
  4. Step Change Debt Charity - Telephone: 0800 138 1111 - Website: Step Change Debt Charity
  5. Cornwall Housing Ltd - Telephone: 0300 1234 161 - Website: Cornwall Housing Ltd
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