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Benefit Change of Address Private

Before you start
  1. Please use this form if:

    - You are currently living in Cornwall and receiving housing benefit and / or council tax support (CTS); and
    - You are moving to a new address in Cornwall; and
    - You are renting your new home from a private landlord or a housing association.

    Please answer all of the questions marked as mandatory on the form (Marked *). If you are not sure how to answer any of the questions please contact us for help.
    We will also need to see the following documents (Photocopies/Scanned copies only, please don't supply originals):
    - Your new tenancy agreement; or
    - A letter from your landlord confirming the details of your new tenancy and the amount of rent that you have to pay.
    - If you cannot supply either of these documents you can ask us for a rent proof form
  1. Part 1 - About you and your partner
  2. Your Details
  1. Please provide your previous address.
  1. Please provide your new address.
  2. If you do not currently receive Council Tax Support (CTS), would you like to apply for it in respect of your new address?
  1. * Do you need to notify Cornwall Council of a partner moving with you?
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