Minibus Driver Development Courses

If you have 4 or more candidates applying for minibus training, you may host the training at your own facilities. You will need to provide a classroom suitable for a Powerpoint presentation, toilet facilities and refreshments (if required). You will also need to provide an area suitable for driving a minibus.

If you have 3 or fewer candidates, we cannot provide an instructor to you, however you are welcome to apply for a place on one of our own courses. These are hosted at either our own facilities, or occasionally by arrangement at another organisation.

For each candidate, you will need to supply a photograph. This will be uploaded during the application process. For convenience, please ensure you have collected all of your candidates photographs before starting. Photographs should be in JPEG or other supported format, and should have a minimum DPI of 200. As the photographs will be used to produce the minibus driver ID cards, they need to conform to the usual standards for ID photographs.

Important: Please check all candidates licences prior to the completion of this application to ensure they have the necessary D1 category on their licence.

Please select one of the following two options:

If you require training to obtain the D1 category on your license please use the link below: